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For a long time, I’ve been meaning to establish a blog. As a passionate programmer, active citizen, and a generally opinionated person, I’ve always thought it would be a perfect form of expression. Finally, after enough inspiration from blog posts on HackerNews, LBAK, and more, and some poking and prodding from various self development and leadership organizations, I’ve decided to go ahead.

So, a little about me.

I’m a high school student, near the top of my class, and have been programming since 7th grade.* I am constantly amazed by the beauty of logic, and that awe fuels my love of math and the sciences. On the other hand, I am well rounded and all to opinionated person, and so I tend to take interest in politics, philosophy, and even typography–whatever seems to grab my attention.

As for programming experience, I’ve worked with a large number of languages–Java primarily, a fair amount of Python, ActionScript 3.0, and HTML/CSS, and a limited amount of C++, PHP, Processing, Javascript. I run Ubuntu Linux, and have hosted my own LAMP server on a .tk address (past tense, or I’d provide the url). You can find some of my projects on, and for occasionally interesting technical talk, you can follow me on Twitter at @thetabyte.

Without further ado, I’ll end this biographical info, so you can carry on to some more interesting content.


Jordan Goldstein

* If you count HTML/CSS as programming. I started compiled languages in 9th grade.

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