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[CLOSED]Looking for a free, excited young programming intern? I’m right here!

August 18, 2011

[EDIT: This is now closed, thanks so much to the guys at RightPay for letting me come work with them on DueProps!]
This year, my county school board is offering ten students the opportunity to be part of an official, school sponsored internship program (translate this as legal absence for work time and a justification to my parents on why coding isn’t a waste of my time) where I can work as a free intern with any company that will cooperate. Most students work with local companies that operate in the field of their choice, but I face a dilemma. There is not a large number (or any I know of specifically) of computer science/hacker/developer companies around where I live. So, if there are any companies or startups out there looking for free, offsite intern work from an enthuisiastic 17 year old programmer out there, I’m willing to fill that space! If you’re interested, I can contact my school board and see if I would be allowed to intern for you. You can read my resume at at this Dropbox link, browse my GitHub at, and read my blog at This should provide you with an accurate picture of my experience, programming skill, level of education, and general qualifications, but if you need more information, I can be reached via email at I really enjoy coding, and have been doing so for a number of years. I hope that as an intern I could not just learn, but provide a major contribution to whatever I am part of. I understand that, being 17 and offsite, I may not seem like a potential help, but I would work to the best of my ability on whatever task is needed to fulfill a useful role.

Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you,
Jordan Goldstein

P.S. If you are, for some reason, located in or around Lusby, Maryland USA, I could work onsite.


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